Translation Management System

13 Things to Consider When Choosing a Translation Management System

Broadly speaking, a translation management system (TMS) is software designed to manage the translation and localization process. Language service providers help to organize the translation workflow, track the progress of localization projects, and reduce time-consuming manual tasks via automation. A TMS enables your global business to easily

content translation

Digital Content Translation: 5 Reasons to Do It

No brand in the modern world can grow if it relies on just one language to get its message across. Simply put, the more languages you optimize your website for, the more people you can

translation memory

Translation Memory Technology: How it Supports Localization

New and advanced technologies have truly revolutionized the way brands localize their content. One such technology is translation memory. Many kinds of translation memory software are available, which mostly form part of a larger translation

localization team

Why Your Localization Project Needs a Localization Dream Team

If you are embarking on a localization project, your first step should be to assemble a localization team of committed people. The collaboration of project managers, translators, proofreaders, and others is simply essential to produce

localizing for France

Localizing for France: 4 Things to Consider

France is the new (post-Brexit) second-in-command e-commerce market in the European Union behind the economic powerhouse of Germany. This means that localizing for France should be on your international expansion agenda. Who Speaks French? French,

e-commerce markets

The Top 10 E-commerce Markets You Should Be Targeting

E-commerce is booming like never before. This is partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has forced people to change their purchasing behavior to online shopping. Many of these consumers will not be going back

localizing for Germany

Localizing for Germany

After the UK finally left the EU, Germany became the largest e-commerce market in Europe. Considering that German is the 10th most used language for websites, localizing for Germany is undoubtedly a smart move. Here

localizing for mexico

Localizing for Mexico: Why You Should Do It

It might be time to say ‘hola’ to Mexico with its vast (and growing) marketplace that might be a good fit for your goods or services. However, to successfully connect commercially with Mexicans is not

Becoming a Global Brand: 3 Paths to International Expansion

In today’s world, highly developed markets are very competitive, and this is one reason why aspiring global brands venture abroad. The possibility of discovering new audiences in uncharted territory can be appealing when the competitive

local SEO

How to Master Local SEO for More Customers Worldwide

You might be managing your website localization really well, but are you paying attention to localizing your SEO? If you have just rolled out a different language version of your website without also taking care

localization managemnet

Localization Management: 6 Ways to Get It Wrong

Localization managers have challenging jobs that require knowledge in several fields: linguistics, IT, finance, and human resources. They handle projects, workflows, budgets, client communications, and collaboration with international professionals. Effective localization management necessitates a clear

localizing for Russia

Localizing for Russia

The Russian market is one of the largest in the world. If you want to grow your company internationally, you’ll surely want to access it sooner rather than later and begin to think about localizing

using transcreation

Using Transcreation to Prevent Marketing Blunders

Translation is the verbatim transfer of text from one language to another. On the other hand, transcreation (translation + creation) is the act of changing words and phrases to make their meanings culturally appropriate for

Japanese Localization and User Interface Design

What do you think of when you hear or read the phrase Japanese aesthetic? Maybe balance and structured beauty come to mind, exemplified by traditional Japanese gardens, paintings, and the art of calligraphy. Everything is

localize for Brazil

Why You Should Localize for Brazil

This post is about Brazil’s lucrative ecommerce market. To enter this market, your site needs to be in Brazil’s official language, one of the most widely spoken languages in the world – Portuguese. If you

localizing for Japan

Translating and Localizing for Japanese Market

The islands that make up the country of Japan contain the world’s third-largest economy. If you plan to enter this lucrative market, you need to understand the importance of translating and localizing for Japan. Because

planning for localization

Planning for Localization and Global Marketing Success

Whether you’re just starting out in the global marketplace or looking to expand into other markets to obtain a more international audience, planning for localization is necessary if you want to succeed. It’s important to

Translating Your Website

10 Great Reasons to Translate Your Website

Why do many of today’s digital businesses consider translated websites a necessity rather than something simply nice to have? In the age of digitization, a website is not merely a communication tool – it’s a