Top Translation Trends for 2018

Companies selling products and services in various countries around the world has become increasingly common. Many organizations are now global entities with offices and marketing throughout the world. Localization has been a common denominator in

How to Identify Markets for Expansion

So, you’re done with the latest localization project. You’ve pretty much expanded into a new territory and have managed to capture the local market. Well, good for you. But, now you’re looking for a new

Translation Markets in 2018

The process of localization involves adapting services, content and products to a specific locality or regional market. It not only ensures adherence to local languages, but also to local culture, political and legal policies. In

Translating for Indonesia – What to Expect

There are plenty of countries that are ripe with opportunity in terms of business. Indonesia is one of them. But, how do you localize for Indonesia? Well. If there’s one thing we know by now,

Making SEO a Part of Your International Strategy

Integrating SEO into localization is something that businesses either have no clue of or get completely wrong. In fact, several surveys have found that most businesses seem to have no idea of how to use

The Greatest Gaming Translation Fails

Gaming is an industry that might be relatively new, but it hardly took a few years to become the giant it is now. In fact, it’s also an industry that has led the way in

Translating Games Into a New Language

One of the best ways to increase the number of users and revenue for your game is through localization. However, localization is an extremely meticulous process as it requires large-scale planning right from the time

Four Languages You Need to Target

In this day and age of globalization we are constantly interacting with people from different countries and different cultures. Be it for work or for social reasons, there is no avoiding crossing borders, even if

Few tips on App Translation for Emerging Markets

Mobile apps have indeed become a part of our everyday lives. Every remote corner of the world has more access to mobiles than it does to desktops. Therefore, mobile apps are in fact the big

Make Your Translation Smarter

Translation can be a complex process. However, the market isn’t going to wait for you. In fact, it can be cold and merciless. But, as they say, the most successful businesses are the ones that

Using Translation to Boost Loyalty

Localization, as you know it, is the latest buzzword in the consumer industry, and essentially implies adaptation of your products and services to align them with the local cultural and linguistic demands and preferences of

Should You Build or Buy Translation Technology?

Localization refers to ensuring your products and services as well as the functioning of the backend of your organization are tweaked so that they work for local customers. There are various types of localization technology

Creating a Team for Your Website Translation

So, you’ve made the decision to localize your website. Well, that’s a smart move. However, the decision to localize your website is just the initial step. The actual hard part comes when you have to