Introducing Organizations Part II

Today we released Organizations, a significant update that makes it easier to manage your projects and your team. Organizations allows you to more easily collaborate with your team on multiple translation projects. You can set

How to Translate Slang Into Other Languages

When done right, informal language and slang can help you relate to your audience and stand out from the crowd. But do you know how to translate it correctly from English into other languages?

Image: Global Expansion

The Big Guide to Global Expansion

Global expansion can take your company to new heights, or it can be a costly mistake. Read our global expansion guide to learn how to mitigate risks and build a successful international launch.

Featured Customer: Ruimtes in Beeld

We’re excited to feature Ruimtes in Beeld as a shining example of how Localize can easily translate your Squarespace site: Learn more about Ruimtes in Beeld:

The Ultimate Guide to Real-Time Language Translation

Real-time translation sounds like science fiction, but it’s reality. The latest AI can instantly translate speech from your language into any other language. And accuracy can be as high as 85%. Let’s examine the latest advances and trends in real-time translation.

Image: A graphic with a credit card and a stopwatch, depicting Website Translation Costs

Evaluating the Cost of Website Translation

Translation is an important investment for businesses that plan to go global. Learn about popular website translation methods, and which option gives you the best value for the money.

Designing Online Courses for a Global Audience

If you wish to scale your business to a global level, then there are a few factors you need to consider right from the start. In the case of developing and selling online courses, selling

9 Tips for Website Translation

Getting website localization right requires planning and proper execution. To make sure your localization efforts are rewarded, read through this guide. Know your target market Like a great comedian, figure out who your target market

4 Regional Translation Trends for 2020

Marketing content has been widely digitized all over the world to make it available to every type of consumer. While a majority of this content is still in English, the need to localize the content

What is a Translation Management System (TMS)?

A translation management system (TMS) is a tool that helps you localize a website, mobile app, or software application for international audiences. A good TMS can transform a hands-on, lengthy translation process into a simple, headache-free workflow. Read on to find out why translation management is important for your localization team.

The ROI Benefits of Translation: 4 Big Ways to Grow

In the era of globalization, expanding into new markets is essential for growth. But launching a multilingual website or app takes a lot of planning, time, and investment. Do you think the overall benefits of