Customer Driven Development

Thinking of an idea and building an MVP is the easy part. Building a product that people love and addresses a real market is hard. Courtesy of “Crossing the Chasm” Once a product is past MVP,

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The Hottest Thing in SaaS: Net New MRR

“Focus on MRR” is sound advice for any SaaS model company. Tracking monthly recurring revenue ensures that month over month growth defends against user churn and builds a defensible moat. Obsessively track MRR At Localize, we

Tools to Automate Your Business

When our company started as a side project 2 years ago, we had no bank account, no legal entity, and drew no salary. Things were simple. When we were accepted into Techstars NYC, Localize transformed

Being a Data Driven Company

In practice, consciously making data driven decisions is hard. The internal pull to trust your intuition is so strong that people unwittingly skew data to support our original gut feeling. Trying to make data-driven decisions

8 Tips and Case Studies for Website Localization

Getting website localization right requires planning and proper execution. Ensure that global expansion efforts are rewarded by following this guide. Know your target market Rather than using machine translation for the world’s top 100 languages, determine

How to Create Content that Engages Customers

Engaging content creation requires time, critical thinking, and an intimate knowledge of your customers’ reading habits and preferences. What did TechValidate’s State of Content Marketing Survey indicate were the greatest challenges? Takes too much time:

3 Ways to Network for International Growth

Launching into a new international market is an exciting next step for growing businesses beyond domestic pursuits. Often, however, businesses make costly mistakes from lack of awareness for cultural preferences. When advising our clients, Localize

How to Build a Business as a Shopify App Developer

Follow these tips to find success as a developer on the Shopify platform. Outline for Shopify Success When developers ask us for help promoting their apps, we tell them: Become a Shopify merchant. Before you write

What makes a great business idea?

A few years ago, our original startup idea had failed to get traction. We were in the middle of the Y Combinator program, and we had to pivot. We needed ideas. One of the partners