translate your website

10 Great Reasons to Translate Your Website

For most international companies, a translated and localized website isn’t something that’s just nice to have. Rather, it’s a must for serving existing and new online customers in any targeted locale. Here are ten reasons

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Has Your Company Gone Global Unintentionally?

It’s not uncommon for businesses to discover they are somehow reaching out to audiences they hadn’t intentionally targeted. This kind of international business could take the form of surprise orders or web traffic coming from

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Localization in the Middle East

The Middle East represents a booming ecommerce market that your international business can’t afford to ignore. Moreover, the B2C (business to customer) ecommerce market has been undergoing a pivotal shift as demonstrated by the largest

data localization

How Data Localization Drives Economic Growth and Employment

Data has is now one of the world’s most valuable resources because of the increasing digital transformation of international industries. Consumer data could be thought of as the new oil driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Data gives

marketing to women

Marketing to Women Around the World

For years, many advertisers have relied on marketing to women by using stereotypes and impossible beauty standards. Brands relied on a strategy of shrink it and pink it when designing products for women. However, women

human translation

Human Translation vs. Machine: Who Wins?

It is a matter of debate whether Artificial Intelligence (AI) will eventually replace human labor. For all multi-national businesses, content translation has become a key tool for communication and growth. Companies have two options to