localization strategy

5 Tips For a Great Localization Strategy

The top businesses in the English-speaking world, irrespective of which niches they are in, have significantly impacted every country they’ve set foot in. But have you ever wondered how they achieved their successes? Sure, their

localized seo strategy

Why You Need a Localized SEO Strategy

Website localization comes with a set of challenges, and one of the greatest is the need to localize your content for a target audience in another country. However, the most effective way for a local

International market entry

The Best International Market Entry Strategy

Whether you’re formulating a new international market entry plan or you’re already operating on a global scale, here’s an essential piece of advice. When considering a potential new market, you need to analyze data at

American or British English

American or British English: Does it Matter?

George Bernard Shaw created the oft-repeated phrase that the United Kingdom and the United States of America are two countries separated by a common language. His compatriot, Oscar Wilde, noted that: We have really everything

email localization

The Importance of Email Localization

One popular marketing strategy is the email campaign. In 2018, more than 280 billion emails were sent globally every single day, and this figure is projected to increase to over 347 billion in 2023. To achieve marketing

emojis in international marketing

5 Ways to Use Emojis in International Marketing

Emojis are small digital pictures designed to express emotions, feelings, or concepts without using text or sound. The power of these little icons is so remarkable that brands are increasingly using emojis in international marketing

Translating Emojis

Translating Emojis: 6 Tips for Emoji Localization

Emojis, or emoticons, might seem like a straightforward bit of fun that transcends spoken and written language. However, they aren’t as universal as you might believe: these small symbols can mean different things to people