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Activity Stream

The Activity Stream allows you to see who's been doing what and when, as your team works in your Localize dashboard.


Watch time (2:09 mins)

Announcements | Localize

Learn how to use Announcements in your project to facilitate communication with your team.

#Adminstrators #Content Managers - Web #Content Managers - Mobile #Translation Managers

Watch time (1:58 mins)

Basic Import-Export Workflow

Learn how to import and export files using your Localize dashboard.

#Translation Managers #Content Managers - Mobile #Developers - Mobile

Watch time (2.40 mins)

Basic Translation Workflow | Localize

Learn the basic workflow of translating your website using Localize.

#Translator #Translation Managers

Watch time (2:46 mins)

Define Variables - Advanced

Use advanced options to define variables in your phrases.

#Content Managers - Web #Translation Managers #Developers - Web

Watch time (0:45 mins)

Defining Variables for Dynamic Content

Learn how to condense phrases that contain dynamic content such as dates, numbers, or names, so they can be merged into a single phrase for translation.

#Content Managers - Web #Translation Managers #Developers - Web

Watch time (4:35 mins)

Disable Localize by Page

Learn how to disable translations and hide the language-switching widget on pages or subdirectories in your website that you don't want to translate.

#Developers - Web #Content Managers - Web

Watch time (3:09 mins)

Exclude Phrases by CSS Classes & IDs

Use the Localize dashboard to exclude content from your website that you don't need to translate.

#Developers - Web #Content Managers - Web

Watch time (2.54 mins)

Figma Plugin

Allow your design team to view translated versions of their designs directly in their Figma project.

#Developers - Web #Content Managers - Web #Developers - Mobile #Content Managers - Mobile

Watch time (4:27 mins)


The Glossary is used to inform your translators how to translate specific terminology for your project.

#Translator #Translation Managers #Content Managers - Web #Content Managers - Mobile

Watch time (1:29 mins)

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