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How Localize Works

Get a quick overview of how Localize works in your website.

#Developers - Web #Content Managers - Web #Translation Managers #Translator #Adminstrators

Watch time (0:57 mins)

In-Context Editor

Our In-Context Editor gives you the ability to view and edit translations directly in your website in real-time.

#Translation Managers #Translator

Watch time (1:35 mins)

In-Progress Workflow

Use the In-Progress Workflow to review proposed translations before publishing.

#Content Managers - Web #Content Managers - Mobile #Translation Managers #Translator

Watch time (1:55 mins)

Javascript vs Files Method

Learn about files-based and JavaScript-powered workflows to find out which one is right for you.

#Administrators #Translation Managers #Content Managers - Web #Mobile #Docs #Developers - Web & Mobile

Watch time (4:33 mins)

Label Manager | Localize

The Label Manager allows you to easily organize and manage the labels in your Localize dashboard.

#Content Managers - Web #Content Managers - Mobile #Translator #Translation Managers

Watch time (1:19 mins)

Localize CAT Tool

The Localize CAT Tool will allow your translators to streamline their translation workflow using an industry-standard Computer Assisted Translation tool.

#Translator, #Translation Manager

Watch Time (3:07 mins)

Localize for Documents

Manage the translation workflow for all of your documents using your Localize dashboard.

#Content Managers - Mobile #Content Managers - Web #Content Managers - Docs #Translation Managers #Translator #Developers - Web #Developers - Mobile

Watch time (3:42 mins)

Ordering Human Translations

Learn how to order human translations right from your dashboard from one of our third-party Language Service Providers.

#Content Managers - Web #Content Managers - Mobile #Translation Managers

Watch time (4:34 mins)

Quickstart for Mobile Apps | Localize

Learn how to get a quick start on localizing your mobile apps using Localize.

#Content Managers - Mobile #Developers - Mobile

Watch time (2:42 mins)

Quickstart for Translators | Localize

Learn the basics of using the Localize dashboard to translate content.

#Translation Managers #Translator

Watch time (1:57 mins)

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