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You requested it and we built it! We’ve always provided an easy way for your customers to view your application in their preferred language with our language widget. But what if you wanted to hide

Developer Productivity: The Art of Saying No

Staying productive is hard. Especially as a developer. It takes time to get in the zone, and once you’re there, it’s easy to get pulled out. You have… Meetings Email Features to build, bugs to

Introducing Organizations Part II

Today we released Organizations, a significant update that makes it easier to manage your projects and your team. Organizations allows you to more easily collaborate with your team on multiple translation projects. You can set

Featured Customer: Ruimtes in Beeld

We’re excited to feature Ruimtes in Beeld as a shining example of how Localize can easily translate your Squarespace site: Learn more about Ruimtes in Beeld:

Featured Customer: Mimeo Digital

At Localize our goal is to provide our customers with a localization service and tool that will allow them to go global and build lasting success. But don’t just take our word for it, check

We made it even easier to contact us!

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to every customer that contacts us. Currently you can contact the Localize team via: E-mail: Phone:+1 415-651-7030 And from our in app chat: But we’ve made it

Microsoft Translate now available!

We’re happy to announce that you can now receive machine translation from Microsoft Translate. For each of your projects you can choose between Google Translate and Microsoft Translate. Head over to your Project Settings page

Why Global Content Strategy Must Go Beyond Sales

In today’s global business landscape, it is necessary for a business to possess a global content strategy. However, a recent piece of research from Research Scape and Skyword shows us that most marketers in the

How to Vet Translation Vendors

The content translation industry is booming. Organizations that offer translation services are now choosing to outsource their work. When you do decide to utilize the services of an external agency, it becomes imperative to find

Why Offer a Native Brand Experience

According to David Ogilvy, a brand isn’t just what you communicate; it is what the customer experiences as a whole. To put it as simply as possible, a customer’s perception of your brand is determined

Translate your Shopify site with Localize

We’ve been hard at work building an easy to use service for making your Shopify site multilingual, and today we’re proud to announce the launch of Localize on the Shopify App marketplace! Translating your store will

Validating and Consolidating Terminology Using Tools

When small teams work on documentation, it can be quite easy for them to establish agreements concerning what terms they would use for the product/service they’re creating the documentation for. It is also quite easy

How to get Voice Search Right

The popularity of voice search is growing each year as better technologies and UIs are being developed. Where touch screens were once all the rage a few years ago, their appeal is already fading as