Website Translation Costs

Evaluating the Cost of Website Translation

According to statistics, a whopping 74% of internet users are not native English speakers. Therefore, a multilingual website is critical if you’re looking to expand into new markets where potential customers speak different languages. The

Translation Management System

13 Things to Consider When Choosing a Translation Management System

Broadly speaking, a translation management system (TMS) is software designed to manage the translation and localization process. Language service providers help to organize the translation workflow, track the progress of localization projects, and reduce time-consuming manual tasks via automation. A TMS enables your global business to easily

Translate Slang

How to Translate English Slang Into Other Languages

In general, slang refers to informal language that is used more often in speech than in writing, and may only have meaning to a specific group of subculture. Slang expressions introduce unique challenges for translators

content translation

Digital Content Translation: 5 Reasons to Do It

No brand in the modern world can grow if it relies on just one language to get its message across. Simply put, the more languages you optimize your website for, the more people you can

translation memory

Translation Memory Technology: How it Supports Localization

New and advanced technologies have truly revolutionized the way brands localize their content. One such technology is translation memory. Many kinds of translation memory software are available, which mostly form part of a larger translation

localization team

Why Your Localization Project Needs a Localization Dream Team

If you are embarking on a localization project, your first step should be to assemble a localization team of committed people. The collaboration of project managers, translators, proofreaders, and others is simply essential to produce

localizing for France

Localizing for France: 4 Things to Consider

France is the new (post-Brexit) second-in-command e-commerce market in the European Union behind the economic powerhouse of Germany. This means that localizing for France should be on your international expansion agenda. Who Speaks French? French,