Tips for translating your website to Japanese

Tips for Translating Your Website to Japanese

When translating a website, it is important that you don’t just literally translate text. In many cases, the target language does not have a literal translation for your content. In other cases, cultural differences might

Which Procurement Centralization Model Is Ideal for You

Centralization is the answer to procurement today. It’s just how it is. You see, the average Chief Procurement Officer or CPO doesn’t deal with just a handful of sourcing categories. The global enterprise is larger

Translating Your Website

10 Great Reasons to Translate Your Website

Why do many of today’s digital businesses consider translated websites a necessity rather than something simply nice to have? In the age of digitization, a website is not merely a communication tool – it’s a

Translation Glossary And Its Benefits

Every website has a set of words that are used often to describe the product or present the message of the brand. Certain catchphrases, mission statements, taglines, and so on are used regularly along with

Regional Localization for Global Websites

The way that you communicate with your target customers is crucial if you wish to expand internationally and do it successfully. Localization is the key to attracting and engaging new audiences in different parts of

Content Localization Strategy

Creating a Effective Content Localization Strategy

So, you want to run a successful business that runs on an international level. You create content, trying to engage your target audience overseas but, for some reason, your content localization strategy is ineffective. Why

Marketing Localization

Marketing Localization: Your Ultimate Guide for Success

Without marketing localization, your marketing campaign is already a failure. Why? No matter how much time, effort, and creativity you’ve put into your marketing campaign, targeting a single territory is a waste of potential. And,

UX Writer

What Is a UX Writer’s Role in Localization?

You may have heard of the term ‘UX writer’ and may have wondered what a UX writer does. A UX writer is someone who writes to produce the best user experience for their audience. They

Website Translation Costs

Evaluating the Cost of Website Translation

According to statistics, a whopping 74% of internet users are not native English speakers. Therefore, a multilingual website is critical if you’re looking to expand into new markets where potential customers speak different languages. The

Translation Management System

13 Things to Consider When Choosing a Translation Management System

Broadly speaking, a translation management system (TMS) is software designed to manage the translation and localization process. Language service providers help to organize the translation workflow, track the progress of localization projects, and reduce time-consuming manual tasks via automation. A TMS enables your global business to easily

eCommerce Localization Best Practices

Localization involves transforming your website to conform to a foreign country’s unique language and cultural norms, and a strong eCommerce localization strategy is critical for businesses that want to generate sales in different countries. If

Translation Management System

What Is a Translation Management System (TMS)?

A translation management system (TMS) is a project management application that can automate and streamline various aspects of your localization workflow. A typical TMS supports complex translation projects and eliminates the repetitive and laborious manual

Translating Emojis

Translating Emojis: 6 Tips for Emoji Localization

Emojis, or emoticons, might seem like a straightforward bit of fun that transcends spoken and written language. However, they aren’t as universal as you might believe: these small symbols can mean different things to people

using transcreation

Using Transcreation to Prevent Marketing Blunders

Translation is the verbatim transfer of text from one language to another. On the other hand, transcreation (translation + creation) is the act of changing words and phrases to make their meanings culturally appropriate for

content translation

Digital Content Translation: 5 Reasons to Do It

No brand in the modern world can grow if it relies on just one language to get its message across. Simply put, the more languages you optimize your website for, the more people you can