Tips for translating your website to Japanese

Tips for Translating Your Website to Japanese

When translating a website, it is important that you don’t just literally translate text. In many cases, the target language does not have a literal translation for your content. In other cases, cultural differences might

Translation Glossary And Its Benefits

Every website has a set of words that are used often to describe the product or present the message of the brand. Certain catchphrases, mission statements, taglines, and so on are used regularly along with

Regional Localization for Global Websites

The way that you communicate with your target customers is crucial if you wish to expand internationally and do it successfully. Localization is the key to attracting and engaging new audiences in different parts of

Translate Slang

How to Translate English Slang Into Other Languages

In general, slang refers to informal language that is used more often in speech than in writing, and may only have meaning to a specific group of subculture. Slang expressions introduce unique challenges for translators

How to Translate English into French

Ah… la belle langue française! French is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world, behind only English, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, and Bengali. Unsurprisingly, many companies around the globe choose to translate

using transcreation

Using Transcreation to Prevent Marketing Blunders

Translation is the verbatim transfer of text from one language to another. On the other hand, transcreation (translation + creation) is the act of changing words and phrases to make their meanings culturally appropriate for

content translation

Digital Content Translation: 5 Reasons to Do It

No brand in the modern world can grow if it relies on just one language to get its message across. Simply put, the more languages you optimize your website for, the more people you can

human translation

Human Translation vs. Machine: Who Wins?

It is a matter of debate whether Artificial Intelligence (AI) will eventually replace human labor. For all multi-national businesses, content translation has become a key tool for communication and growth. Companies have two options to

Localizing for Korea

Localizing for Korea (Both North and South)

E-commerce is a key component of the overall consumer market in South Korea, a country where 99.2 percent of households have internet access. If you want to resonate with your target audience in this prosperous

User Experience is Enhanced With Website Localization

Before we dive into the subject of this blog post, let’s shed some light on what website localization and user experience essentially are. Website localization When an existing website is adapted to the local language

4 Translation and Localization Trends for 2020

Marketing content has been widely digitized all over the world to make it available to every type of consumer. While a majority of this content is still in English, the need to localize the content

Why a Style Guide Matters to Your Global Brand Message

Most international businesses employ a pool of writers to write marketing content for their websites, social media posts, ads, and other written materials aimed at customers and prospects. However, each writer will have their own

Translation Context: Why it Matters

Translation Context – Take a Walk in a Translator’s Shoes Because technology has enabled the world to become more interconnected, companies are finding the prospect of international expansion more appealing than ever. In fact, there

Website Localization Best Practices

Why You Need Website Localization As more and more people worldwide are able to access the internet, your website will become an increasingly more valuable asset. Your website has the ability to attract new audiences,

Increase Retention Through Localization

How to Increase Retention Through Localization

Retention marketing can also be referred to as loyalty marketing or lifecycle marketing. Retention boils down to keeping your customers involved, happy, and spending on your products or services. You can increase retention by delivering

Target Audience

8 Localization Tips to Reach Your Target Audience

In today’s interconnected world, there is immense potential for your business to expand its market share beyond geographical boundaries and capture shoppers that have been previously inaccessible. But all of this depends on how well