Localization Testing

Localization Testing: 4 Big Benefits

Localization testing helps verify that your software, sites, and apps are accurate and easy to use for people in specific regions. Check out the top 4 benefits of localization testing.

Mobile Localization: Why it Is Important

Today, businesses are expanding their reach like never before thanks to the digital tools that consumers are using, including mobile devices. When you have a geographically diverse organization, localization of your website is crucial to

localizing for Germany

Localizing for Germany: A Guide

As the biggest eCommerce market in Europe, Germany is eager for new content from foreign brands. Learn how to localize and market your digital content for a German audience.

Translate Slang

How to Translate Slang Into Other Languages

When done right, informal language and slang can help you relate to your audience and stand out from the crowd. But do you know how to translate it correctly from English into other languages?