Localize vs. Lokalise

Two Powerful Solutions for Enterprise Translation

We are often asked how the Localize compares to Lokalise. So, we did the research with the aim to provide a fair comparison. We acknowledge there are times when Lokalise is a fit, and times where Localize is better suited.

Our Fair Comparison

This guide should help anyone seeking localization services at the highest levels to make an educated choice.
Multiple Industry Focused
Lokalise is a Latvia-based startup founded in 2017, designed originally for tech-driven startups. The product is a cloud‑based software platform that streamlines the translation & localization process and team collaboration.
Lokalise serves customers ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Notable industries include finance, e‑commerce, SaaS, and gaming.
Lokalise uses file‑based transfers that are semi‑automated through their API, enabling translation workflows using repositories like Github.
Key Similarities
- Notable Client Roster
- Billions of Strins Translated
- Mobile App (iOS and Android file formats)
Key Differentiators
Likely Positive
- Recent influx of investment capital
- Strong in mobile app translation
- A focus more on human translation
- Based in Northern Europe
- Strong translation memory
Likely Negative
- Hosted key limits
- 15 seat limit
- Monthly Active Users caps
Basic plans range from $120/mo to $585/mo with Enterprise pricing estimated at $4,200+ per month. 10-15 seats are included in most plans, with additional seats costing more. Priority support is only available at the enterprise tier.
SaaS Industry Focused
The Localize journey started in 2015 with the simple idea that translating websites and apps should be easier. The product is a cloud‑based software platform that automates the translation & localization process of dynamic sites and web apps.
About Us
Localize serves primarily SMB & enterprise clients. Notable industries include SaaS, higher ed, e‑commerce, government, and agencies.
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The Localize JavaScript SDK installs with one line of code and enables fully automatic content detection and translation delivery.
Quickstart for Web
Key Similarities
- Notable Client Roster
- Billions of Strings Translated
- Mobile app (iOS and Android file formats)
Key Differentiators
Likely Positive
-Automatic content detection
- No need for file management
- Translator agnostic (machine vs human)
- Based in the USA
- Unlimited hosted keys/phrases
Likely Negative
- Not as strong in gaming
- Primarily servicing North American companies

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Basic plans range from $50/mo to $625/mo with Enterprise plans starting at $3,500 per-month.No setup or per‑seat fees. Additional services like machine translation services and human translators may be added to any plan a la carte.
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