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About ContractPodAI

ContractPodAi Cloud is the industry's most powerful — and powerfully intuitive — legal platform. It gives you complete visibility, command, and control over all legal records your company faces — from anywhere, and at any time. Their brands include various industries in manufacturing, retail, software, health care, energy and more.

"Thanks to Localize, we have been able to rapidly expand our business into multiple languages beyond onboarding expectations." ~ Tessa Kilbride, Product Manager

ContractPodAI's team oversees a range of legal and non-legal applications assisting users with end-to-end legal document management. As they pursue further expansion into new markets, the importance of catering to native languages has become increasingly clear.


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The Problem

When Tessa Kilbride, the Product Manager at ContractPodIA, was assigned the challenging task of translating multiple applications into 7+ languages, she set out to find an efficient solution. As their applications help streamline and simplify processes across a full spectrum of legal teams’ workflows, to meet her onboarding expansion goals she started searching for a suitable localization solution.

Tessa had several key requirements for a translation solution including streamlined workflows, protocols and security requirements, and a reasonable cost. In addition, they needed a streamlined way to migrate existing translations and accommodate for a number of content managers, developers and translators with access to the platform.

The Localize Solution

Tessa Kilbride and Aqeel Abbasi, the Manager of Technology, collaborated closely with the Localize Customer Success team to develop translation workflows that could meet their deadline. They commenced the process by creating a comprehensive Glossary of brand and industry terminologies to streamline the translation process. Installation of Localize for each tenant application was seamless and straightforward. Their content was automatically detected and pulled into the platform for translation within minutes.

“Adding new languages to our website has never been easier; all we have to do is select the language in Localize and the content is ready.” ~ Aqeel Abassi, Manager of Technology

ContractPodAI needed precise and high-quality human translations to satisfy their clients' requirements. With the help of Localize's dashboard, they could effortlessly manage translations for all tenant application content by selecting their preferred language service partners. The dashboard automatically sends application content to Localize's partners for translation. Once the quality of translations has been reviewed, the translations are promptly delivered back to the project for immediate use and publication.

The Results:

“We are incredibly pleased with the outcomes we achieved with Localize! Their translation solutions enabled us to translate 13 tenant applications into 13 languages, leading to a remarkable surge of onboardings. Moreover, Localize's services came at a cost that was significantly less than that charged by other translation management providers.” ~ Tessa Kilbride, Product Manager

The successful launch of ContractPodAI's translated applications provide an overwhelmingly positive response from their end users. Buoyed by this success, Tessa returned to the Localize team to add new languages and work on additional sites. Today, ContractPodAI translates an impressive 13 sites into 13 languages using Localize.

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