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About JOOR

JOOR is the world’s leading B2B digital wholesale platform — seamlessly connecting businesses, unleashing global potential, and driving sales growth for brands and retailers around the world. They have digitalized the entire wholesale process—from connection to invoicing—to make the experience smarter and more seamless for both brands and retailers. The JOOR B2B fashion ecommerce platform uniquely unlocks data between transacting parties, creating a singular collaborative ecosystem so partners can access the vital metrics that drive their business in real time, leverage trends as they develop, and work together to drive global growth.

"With the assistance of Localize, our business has exceeded expectations by swiftly extending its reach into numerous languages." ~ James Tate, Senior Vice President Engineering

Joor's team oversees a range of brands and retailers assisting users with end-to-end wholesale management. As they pursue further expansion into new markets, the importance of catering to native languages has become increasingly clear.


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The Localize Solution

When Ivan collaborated closely with the Localize Customer Success team to develop translation workflows that could meet their deadline, they commenced the process by creating a comprehensive Glossary of brand and industry terminologies to streamline the translation process. Installation of Localize for each tenant application was seamless and straightforward. Their content was automatically detected and pulled into the platform for translation within minutes.

“Incorporating additional languages into our website has become incredibly simple. With just a few clicks in Localize, we can select the desired language, and the content is instantly prepared.” ~ Titien Prertolani, JOOR Customer Success Manager

For JOOR, achieving accurate and top-notch human translations to meet client demands was crucial. Utilizing Localize's dashboard, they could seamlessly oversee translations for all tenant application content by opting for their preferred language service providers. The dashboard smoothly dispatches application content to Localize's partners for translation. After the translation quality has been assessed, the translated content is swiftly returned to the project, ready for immediate utilization and publication.

The Results:

“We are incredibly pleased with the outcomes we achieved with Localize! Their translation solutions enabled us to translate both our retailer and brand interface into 9 languages, leading to a much more positive user experience. Moreover, Localize's services came at a cost that was significantly less than that charged by other translation management providers.” ~ James Tate, Senior Vice President Engineering

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