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Submittable is a cloud-based social impact platform helping governments, foundations, corporations, and other organizations launch, manage, and measure their social impact programs. From grants to scholarships and awards to CSR, Submittable has accepted nearly 20 million applications and submissions from people across the world since being founded in 2010.


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The Problem

Submittable began receiving customer requests to translate their application and custom submission forms into various languages. With customers from all over the globe, they were encountering more and more languages for which they needed to provide support in a short timeframe.

Nicole Hermoso, Product Manager at Submittable, needed a plug and play way to add support for many different languages in order to serve customers all over the world. The cost and time needed to create a duplicate application in a new language wasn’t feasible and she needed to find a better way to approach the problem.

"It’s so simple to drop in the Localize code snippet and start translating web pages immediately!" - Nicole Hermoso, Product Manager

Submittable’s web application contains dynamically built content specific to each customer. With a traditional translation process, they would need to identify and extract all of these dynamic strings from their database and duplicate their application to provide a different version for each language. This is very cumbersome and time-consuming. In order to shorten their time to market they needed to integrate a technology solution that allows them to carefully translate the content quickly, while ensuring the security of their application.

Submittable’s Reports tool in English and translated to Japanese using Localize.

The Localize Solution

Localize for Web offered Submittable a fast and efficient solution for localizing their web application and submission forms. After installing a simple code snippet Localize automatically detected all of their content, pulled it into the Localize dashboard, and provided a first pass of machine translations within minutes.

"Localize was an easy way for us to add multi-language localization to our existing web app without any major changes. It’s so simple to drop in the Localize code snippet and start translating web pages immediately!" - Nicole Hermoso, Product Manager

Once they had all of their content machine-translated, the Submittable team was able to order with human translations directly in the Localize platform. Using the In-Context Editor their translation team was able to provide high quality translations directly on the pages of their site.

The Localize solution easily handles dynamic content in their web application, and also provides methods to easily block sensitive information like PPI from entering the platform. “The Localize Customer Success team worked with us to optimize our dynamic content, lowering our human translation costs by more than 40%.” said Nicole.

The Submittable management dashboard in English and translated to Spanish using Localize.

The Results

Submittable is now offering their application in over 20 languages, allowing them to reach more countries all over the world. The Localize Customer Success team has worked closely with Submittable’s product team as they continue to add new languages and reach more markets. They’re now able to launch a new language for a customer in a matter of a few days by simply ordering human translations from Localize’s language service providers. By providing additional languages for their clients, Submittable is able to execute their strategy to grow their business through expansion into global markets.

"The Localize customer success team seriously went above and beyond when helping set up my account. Kirk and Tyler were super kind and helpful, and their support alone is definitely worth using the tool." - Nicole Hermoso, Product Manager

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