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Bulk Delete Labels

May 9, 2024
You can now bulk delete labels in the Label Manager.
Kirk B.

Project Dashboard Updates

April 29, 2024
We've totally revamped the project dashboard page to make things easier to find and easier to see your project's status at-a-glance.
Kirk B.

Bulk Delete Glossary Terms

April 25, 2024
You can now bulk delete glossary terms from your Glossary.
Kirk B.

Organization Overview & Settings Updates

April 22, 2024
We revamped the My Organization area of your dashboard to make the information easier to access and read.
Kirk B.

Human Translation Order from Manage Phrases!

March 20, 2024
You can now create a human translation order directly from the Manage Phrases page!
Kirk B.

One-click Email Notification Settings

March 7, 2024
You can now use our handy one-click features on the Email Notifications page in your Localize profile to do any one of the following.
Kirk B.

Using Labels in the CAT Tool

March 1, 2024
You can now see what labels are attached to a phrase by clicking on the phrase and then hovering over the Labels icon in the right-hand toolbar.
Kirk B.

Phrase Action Bar

February 15, 2024
Use the Phrase Action Bar for quick access to copy, search, and create a new Glossary term...
Kirk B.

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