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Translate Figma Projects With Localize

Localize makes it easy to translate your Figma projects during the design phase. Optimize your creative content for other languages in minutes!
Auto detect new content for translation
Utilize MTs, your translators, or our LSP's
Support for numerous language pairs
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Effortlessly Translate Your Figma Designs with Localize

Easily Integrate Translations: Pull translated content from Localize back into your Figma files, streamlining your design localization process.

Push content from Figma to Localize

Select pages within Figma and push the content from those pages into Localize. Manage the content inside Localize and translate to your desired languages.

Pull translations from Localize to Figma

Once the translations are ready pull translations from Localize into Figma and preview your designs in other languages.
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Effortlessly Set Up In No Time!

Seamlessly push content from Figma into Localize for translation, ensuring your designs are accessible to global audiences.

Step 1

Push content from Figma into Localize to be translated.

Step 2

Pull translations from Localize into your Figma file.

Step 3

Your designs have been translated!

Helping 1000+ Companies Go Global

Reduction in time to market
9 in 10
Traffic increase in target languages
Reduction in human translation costs

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