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Automate Translation Workflows with the Localize Google Drive Integration

Connect Google Drive folders to your Localize dashboard to streamline and simplify content workflows between Google Drive and your Localize projects.
Auto detect new content for translation
Utilize MTs, your translators, or our LSP's
Support for numerous language pairs
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Elevate Your Translation Workflow

Work efficiently with Localize's Google Drive Integration, accelerating translation projects with seamless workflows and rapid file transfers.

Intelligent Translation Workflows

Work smarter, not harder. With the Localize Google Drive Integration, you can get translation projects over the finish line faster with streamlined workflows and quick translation file movement.

2-way Transfers

Get started easily by selecting the Google Drive integration on the Import/Export page of your dashboard. From there, you can begin moving files into your Localize dashboard and exporting completed translations back into your specified destination folder within Google Drive.
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Effortlessly Set Up In No Time!

Effortlessly Manage Your Localization Process: Choose your source files for import or select translated files for export. Watch as files seamlessly transfer into Localize or your designated Google Drive folder, streamlining your localization workflow.

Step 1

Go to the "Import/Export" page in your project

Step 2

Select the source files that you'd like to import or the translated files to export

Step 3

Files will now be automatically transferred into Localize or your specified Google Drive folder

Helping 1000+ Companies Go Global

Reduction in time to market
9 in 10
Traffic increase in target languages
Reduction in human translation costs

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