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Translate Your Volusion Store

Increase Volusion sales by ensuring your product descriptions, current sale information, and other marketing content is displayed in the preferred language of your shoppers.
Auto detect new content for translation
Utilize MTs, your translators, or our LSP's
Support for numerous language pairs
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Localize Volusion Product Descriptions

Enhance the effectiveness of your product communication by localizing your product descriptions.

Translate Volusion Product Descriptions

Effectively communicate the value of your product by localizing your product descriptions.

Boost Sales and Conversions

Almost half of consumers report that they have never made a purchase from a site that was not in their native language, translate your Volusion store to open the door for more sales.
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Effortlessly Set Up In No Time!

Explore Your Volusion Site in Any Language to Seamlessly Transmit Content to the Localize Dashboard.

Step 1

Copy and paste the Localize code snippet into your theme.

Step 2

Visit the pages of your Volusion site in your new language to send your content into the Localize Dashboard.

Step 3

Approve and publish phrase translations on your site or web app immediately!

Helping 1000+ Companies Go Global

Reduction in time to market
9 in 10
Traffic increase in target languages
Reduction in human translation costs

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