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Localize is a no-code translation solution for software platforms, leveraging the power of AI to easily translate your web app, UI, website, help docs, emails, and more.

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Helping 1000+ Companies Go Global

Reduction in time to market
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Traffic increase in target languages
Reduction in human translation costs

The Smart Translation Tool you Need to Thrive Globally

Unifying automation and AI, Localize empowers teams to create and launch engaging, multilingual experiences in minutes - not months.

Quick and easy integration

Simply copy and paste the Localize tag to start translating your site or app in minutes.

Dev-free smart workflows

Localize's unrivaled, no-code solution empowers you to translate without developers.

Works with every tech stack

Seamlessly integrating across all technologies, Localize works anywhere you can install a JavaScript tag.

Automated localization workflows

Automatic content detection and delivery ensures AI-enhanced translations are always up-to-date.

All-in-one solution

Elevate your entire product experience with solutions to translate web apps, documents, emails, mobile, and more.

Secure & compliant platform

Trusted by enterprises globally, Localize follows industry-standard compliance frameworks.

AI-Powered Translation Workflows

Transform the way you translate with intelligent workflows that fuel global expansion.


Activating Localize on your site is easy with the straightforward installation of Localize's single JavaScript tag.


Localize automatically detects all of your content and pulls it into our dashboard for review and machine or human translations.


Effortlessly manage and translate your content in Localize's intuitive dashboard using AI-powered translation engines.


Release translations instantaneously using Localize’s innovative automatic content delivery.

Quickest Method for Publishing Translations

Talk to an expert today to find out how you can translate your website in minutes, not months.

More than a CSM, an extension of your team

We’re here to help you thrive. Combining enterprise-level technology with expert guidance, we help teams navigate the complexities of translation, monitor success, and exceed targets.

Strategic Partnership
Consultative Guidance
Onboarding & Support

Our team is committed to your success

Together, we help you achieve and exceed your goals. Our consultative customer success team takes a proactive approach to help you streamline your localization process, optimize translation costs, and build your business strategy around localization.

  • “Navigate localization complexities confidently, employing efficient project flows with strategic guidance.”
  • “Lower translation costs and maintain translation quality alongside our team of skilled experts.”
  • “Always be one step ahead with an experienced partner helping to align objectives with workflows built to serve you.”

“Localize was an easy way for us to add multi-language localization to our existing web app without any major changes. It’s so simple to drop in the Localize code snippet and start translating web pages immediately! And the best part is, it lowered our human translation costs by more than 40%!”

Nicole Hermoso, Product Manager

Results-driven guidance that scales

Developing outcome-driven strategies is easier when working alongside industry experts. Whether it's targeting new languages, reducing translation costs, or aligning your business strategy with localization, our team of experts are by your side every step of the way.

  • “Confidently launch your project with a clearly defined plan, carefully tailored with the help of an industry expert to set you up for success.”
  • “Optimize business outcomes by working alongside a team who can provide outcome-focused recommendations that get results.”
  • Enhance cost-effectiveness and optimize ROI without sacrificing quality.”

“The cost savings through Localize is significant. We couldn't afford to do straight human translations. The time saving is great too.”

Kate Montressor, Sr Documentation Manager

Tailored launch planning and continuous support

“Start on the right foot with a tailored onboarding experience and an individually crafted launch plan. Access to strategic recommendations and priority support means you always have a trusted advisor at your fingertips.

  • “Launch quickly and efficiently with the help of our dedicated team. Access to resources, technical training, and expert advice make onboarding easy.”
  • “Implementation isn’t the end of your experience. Our Customer Success team continuously tracks outcomes and delivers recommendations to help your business thrive.”
  • “You can count on us to deliver world-class support. Our distributed North American team ensures help is within reach when you need it.”

“This is some of the best support we've gotten with any software, period. The help documentation, support team - it's been fantastic. We've looked at a lot of different solutions and without this level of support from their Customer Success Team, we just don't consider it in higher education.”

Chase Harmon, Web Content & Engagement Specialist

Customer Success Stories

See how Localize has made an impact on these enterprises.

Tabist boosts conversion rates in new language markets with Localize.

38% increase in purchases
"With the availability of a REST API, we can seamlessly extend the translation feature to our backend services. This includes supporting API responses and email services in various languages, thereby guaranteeing consistency in translations across the entire platform."

David Ishikawa

Product Director
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Mimeo uses Localize to assist customers with dashboard navigation

6.9 M increase in site traffic
“With Localize, we were quickly able to set up our platform for a global release in 15 languages, without straining on our internal resources. Everything happens seamlessly and automatically.”

Jonathan Bartlett

VP of Product
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Submittable leverages Localize to offer their app in over 20 languages

33K words translated
“The Localize success team seriously went above and beyond when helping set up my account. Kirk and Tyler were super kind and helpful, and their support alone is definitely worth using the tool.”

Nicole Hermoso

Product Manager
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