web localization

8 Web Localization Mistakes to Avoid

Effective web localization adapts specific online content to fit target markets across the world and crosses linguistic, cultural, and physical borders in so doing. Localization is more than simple translation. When you localize, you’re also

Localizing for Korea

Localizing for Korea (Both North and South)

E-commerce is a key component of the overall consumer market in South Korea, a country where 99.2 percent of households have internet access. If you want to resonate with your target audience in this prosperous

Choosing an App Localization Tool: 6 Things to Look for

Are you planning to invest in app localization? Choosing the right localization tool is very important to ensure that your app is localized correctly and authentically. In this guide, we give you seven pointers on

localizing your website

Why Localizing Your Website Matters During COVID-19

As the world continues to witness more and more waves of COVID-19, businesses have realized the importance of staying relevant to target audiences online. Never before has the need for localizing your website been so

data localization

How Data Localization Drives Economic Growth and Employment

Data has is now one of the world’s most valuable resources because of the increasing digital transformation of international industries. Consumer data could be thought of as the new oil driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Data gives

human translation

Human Translation vs. Machine: Who Wins?

It is a matter of debate whether Artificial Intelligence (AI) will eventually replace human labor. For all multi-national businesses, content translation has become a key tool for communication and growth. Companies have two options to

localization strategy

5 Tips For a Great Localization Strategy

The top businesses in the English-speaking world, irrespective of which niches they are in, have significantly impacted every country they’ve set foot in. But have you ever wondered how they achieved their successes? Sure, their

localized seo strategy

Why You Need a Localized SEO Strategy

Website localization comes with a set of challenges, and one of the greatest is the need to localize your content for a target audience in another country. However, the most effective way for a local

cloud translation management

5 Benefits of a Cloud Translation Management System

The present-day business world is driven by globalization, a process that’s rapidly breaking down geographical boundaries and bringing together various actors on to one world stage. As business organizations across the globe are striving to

neural machine translation

Neural Machine Translation (NMT): A Quick View

Simply put, neural machine translation (NMT) involves software used for translating words and sentences from one language to another. Classic examples of publicly accessible NMT software are Google Translate and Baidu Translate (Google’s Chinese equivalent). Many multinational

4 Translation and Localization Trends for 2020

Marketing content has been widely digitized all over the world to make it available to every type of consumer. While a majority of this content is still in English, the need to localize the content

User Experience is Enhanced With Website Localization

Before we dive into the subject of this blog post, let’s shed some light on what website localization and user experience essentially are. Website localization When an existing website is adapted to the local language

10 Common App Localization Mistakes to Avoid

Your app is just as important as your website. In fact, in some countries, it is more important because more consumers shop using a smartphone than a computer. So, you should be planning a strategy