The Ultimate Guide to Personalized Email Marketing

According to surveys of digital marketers around the world, email marketing is still the most widely used and effective technology for customer engagement. It’s popular for a good reason: email marketing promises to deliver the highest ROI of all marketing channels—up to $42 back for every dollar spent.

As B2B and B2C SaaS brands have shifted the consumer landscape to a global scale, brands like Salesforce, Shopify, Intuit, Canva, and more are investing in internationally personalized email marketing. This means that they adapt their email marketing materials into different languages and include dynamic customer information.

Customizing the language, infographics, and written content of your email marketing materials can boost sales, improve brand affinity and maximize your marketing investment. With the right tools and partners, it’s easier than ever to get started.

Join us to learn how to kickstart your email marketing translation and personalization process.


What is Email Personalization and Localization?

As English-speaking marketers, it’s all too easy to get tunnel vision and forget that most people around the world do not speak our language. Globally, English is only spoken by about 1/4 of the world’s population. And other languages like Spanish and Chinese are quickly rising in popularity.

To stay ahead of the curve, digital marketers need to learn how to personalize their email marketing for specific markets. Localization for specific markets is the practice of adapting a digital marketing strategy for people in different countries. This includes translating multilingual websites, building great UX for global audiences, and of course, translating email marketing.

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Why Personalize and Translate Email Marketing Campaigns?

If you’re not translating and personalizing your email marketing materials, you could be missing out on a big swath of your brand’s potential customer base. Worse yet, English-only digital content might scare away valuable leads in your target audience.

Here’s an example. Take a look at this abandoned cart email notification from the popular global coffee brand, Nescafe. If you received this email in your inbox after browsing Nescafe’s USA landing page, would you consider buying this product?


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Most internet users agree that the answer is no—definitely not. If people can’t read a brand’s email content in their native language, the campaigns are probably headed straight for the trash or junk folder.

Many consumers don’t want to buy from brands that don’t make the effort to customize content for their local language. One survey of 8,709 online shoppers in 29 countries found that over 75% of people prefer to buy products or services in their native language. While 40% said that they would never buy from websites in other languages. Other studies have shown the number of people unwilling to buy from untranslated sites may be even higher for SaaS brands.

The cost of skipping personalization is paid in lost market share and global revenue opportunities. That’s why email marketing personalization for target markets is so essential.


The Impact of Personalized Email Marketing

Email marketing personalization for specific markets has numerous business advantages, including improving your UX and boosting SaaS revenue.

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                Image source: GetResponse

Here are some of the key advantages of email marketing personalization:

  • Higher Quality User Experience
    In the end-to-end user experience (UX) of your website, emails are important. If your website is translated into different languages, your emails should be translated also. Otherwise, a language disparity will cause drop-offs.
  • Increased Engagement
    When it comes to email marketing, opens and clicks are everything. When you take the time to thoughtfully translate your content for international audiences, they’ll naturally take notice by clicking and engaging with your emails. Translated emails will help your international click-through rates (and CTRs) and open rates soar.
  • Better Content
    Did you know that email personalization can give you significantly higher transaction rates? Personalized content written in the user’s own language makes them feel valued. If you get your messaging right, you’ll be rewarded with the customer’s loyalty. That’s why it’s worth it to translate your email copy, including subject lines and calls-to-action (CTAs).
  • More Results and Conversions
    With personalized, translated and relevant emails delivered in the right language, email marketing drives more conversions in international markets. Research from Campaign Monitor shows that email campaigns that were segmented on demographics like location and language deliver a 760% increase in ROI.

How to Personalize Your Email Marketing Strategy For Different Markets

Now that you know the benefits of translating and personalizing your email marketing campaigns, why not give it a shot? For best results, we recommend using a tool like Localize for Emails to streamline the translation management process.

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Email personalization for specific markets takes a few brief steps:

  1. If you haven’t done so already, begin by creating English-language email marketing materials.
  2. Upload your marketing emails to the Localize for Emails dashboard.
  3. Order a machine translation or a human translation from a trusted language service provider.
  4. If you work with reusable emails (like newsletters, purchase confirmations, or abandoned carts), save each translated version as an editable email template.
  5. Adapt the visuals of your newly-translated emails. Be sure to swap out images and banners with translated versions.
  6. Upload the translated newsletter to your email service provider.
  7. Send a few test emails to internal teammates as a final quality check.
  8. Voila! Use your email service provider to send your translated emails to native speakers in your international audience.


Final Thoughts

Ready to start personalizing your emails for specific markets? With the right tools, it’s easier than ever to go global with your email marketing and overcome the language barrier.

Localize for Emails makes it easy, affordable, and quick for global brands to create a translated email marketing strategy for any global market. With expertly-translated content for new international audiences, you can capture new signups, get higher opens and CTRs and turn email subscribers into loyal customers.

Contact us today to see how Localize for Emails can improve your SaaS company’s customer experience.

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