5 Things to Consider When Expanding Your US Business to Canada

With the ever-changing economic topography, if you want to grow your online business globally, there is no other better alternative than our friendly neighbor, Canada. Your business may be performing exceptionally well in the US, but before expanding your US business to Canada, you need to ensure that your online services are equally appealing to its diverse audience.

Over the past decade, e-commerce has evolved dramatically, and with the terrain becoming increasingly competitive, it is important to stay a few steps ahead of the competition.

Break down that language barrier

English and French are undoubtedly the most spoken languages in Canada, followed closely by Mandarin. So, even though the US and Canada don’t have a complete language barrier, a majority of the Canadian population do tend to communicate in other languages as well. To facilitate an expansion that caters to a diverse demographic, it would be wise to consider employing a technology that will take care of any necessary translation, effectively.

Localize your e-commerce website

A staggering 90% of customers prefer to choose their native language when going through an application or a website if the preference is extended to them. So, when expanding your US business to Canada, giving your site visitors an option to read its content in the language of their preferred choice will increase engagement levels and enhance the overall user experience leading to greater customer satisfaction. At Localize, our innovative translation management solutions help our clients redefine their strategies to better suit their intended audience thereby increasing their conversions substantially.

Enhance marketing strategies

Among the several online platforms, one of the most preferred platforms where customers interact with brands is social media. And users are increasingly attracted to content that is customized to them in a language they love. Regardless of how effective a marketing strategy is, if it doesn’t create a connection, it will fail to bring in traffic to your virtual doorstep. So, why limit the potential of your brand when you can grow it exponentially? At Localize, we employ the finest translation software technologies, which will help your business speak to a wider audience. Increasing your brand’s visibility will help draw in more traffic to your site and subsequently enhance revenue as well.

Build trust

By taking into cognizance how your content can be made more relatable to the geography and the culture of your target audience, you will accelerate your brand’s growth. At Localize, we help our clients build bridges between themselves and potential customers. Extending content in a preferred choice of language proves that you care; this will help to build trust in your products or services and will enhance your brand’s credibility.

Increase in Sales

When expanding Your US Business to Canada, translating the benefits of your products and offers to a local language that is more relatable helps to drive sales up. Customers are naturally prone to invest their time and money in enterprises they feel more connected to. At Localize, we employ translation innovations that will enable you to connect with a wider audience in Canada, thereby enhancing your conversion rates and increasing your return on investment (ROI).

Why use Localize

Localize is a comprehensive state-of-the-art system that allows you to translate your online profile, product descriptions, database-driven content as well as your applications into the language of your new target audience taking into cognizance several cultural sensitive factors. Because our localization process is driven with innovative know-how, we deliver the best-optimized solutions to service your business’ translation needs.

And if you are considering employing translation expertise who quality check your content, at Localize, we have collaborative tools built into our platform so that through a cohesive effort, together we can help your business maximize its potential.

We will give you an exceptional advantage over your competition because you will be able to communicate with your target Canadian demographic in the language they love, thereby increasing your customers’ engagement levels and expanding your user base exponentially.

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