Using Emotional Marketing to Build Your Global Brand

How to Use Emotional Marketing to Build a Global Brand

There’s a lot of talk about emotional marketing floating around. There’s no doubt that humans are capable of rational thinking, but often logic or reason gives way to an underlying emotion. In fact, it’s not wrong to say that humans are slaves to emotions and that they sometimes rely on them to make both small and big decisions.

What does Emotional Marketing Mean?

Emotional marketing involves telling a story that connects with an audience in a personal way. Marketers have realized that consumers are increasingly making buying decisions driven by their feelings rather than by logic.

Why is Emotional Marketing a Good Thing?

If done right, emotional marketing can create meaningful relationships with your brand. The proliferation of new media channels, platforms and devices gives consumers ever increasing access to brand stories and marketers more ways to convey their brand’s identity and vision. Emotional marketing helps marketers differentiate their brands from those of their competitors.

Emotional Marketing and the Consumer

Consumers tend to feel first and think later about a product or service they are interested in. The role that feelings play in consumer decision-making is something no marketer pursuing the vision of a global brand can afford to ignore. Emotional marketing means weaving a brand’s story in such a way that the brand connects with consumers on a very personal level. It’s only when marketers are able to provide the right sensory information and stimulate the emotional part of a consumer’s brain that their brand will become memorable, relatable and worthy of buying across the globe.

Which Emotions Work Best?

Emotional marketing may seem quite complicated initially, but it’s all about working on emotions that come from a few basic feelings, some of which are as follows:

  • Sadness: It might seem surprising but negative words provide a 63 percent higher click-through rate than their positive counterparts. This is because negative comments and words create a sense of intrigue and encourage people to click on the appropriate content piece.
  • Happiness: Positive emotions like happiness have the power to convince consumers to share content on their social media profiles. Marketers can expand their reach by underscoring the positive aspects of their brands.
  • Fear: Can you think of an advertisement that invokes fear? Perhaps “no smoking” or “put seatbelts on” campaigns are perfect examples of emotional marketing that seek to drive awareness of danger.
  • Anger: Although few in number, there are emotional marketing campaigns that use anger as a driving force. This works as long as consumers are taught how to channel their anger in the right direction.

Tips to Implement Emotional Marketing

If you are clueless about how to develop stronger connections with your consumers through emotional marketing, here are some tips to follow:

Make it Urgent

You don’t always have to be fuzzy and warm. It’s okay to drive your consumers to do something by utilizing the emotions of fear, anxiety and urgency. Instead of giving consumers too much time to decide, you can create limited-time offers so that they feel they’ll miss out on something interesting if they dilly dally.

Use the Power of Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a good emotion to evoke when aiming to build strong brand connections. For instance, look for ideas that will take people back to simpler days when digital was not so common. Take Adobe for example – The company released their “The Joy of Sketching” ad, which worked beautifully to remind consumers of an activity that was around before the age of computers.

Surprise Your Audience

Last but not least, you could create a campaign to shake your consumers out of their complacency. Surprising them with something new and unique will increase their engagement with your brand. It’s all about creating an experience that your consumers will always remember.

How Localize can Make you a Better Global Marketer

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