Why It’s Important To Personalize Your E-Commerce Website

If you want to succeed in doing business in a different country, when you localize your e-commerce website, it will bring you numerous advantages. Here are four reasons why you need to get your site customized and localized to suit the markets you wish to succeed in.

1. Connect With Your Target Customers

Culture, traditions, language, and what’s acceptable and what’s not are different in each country. Even people in different regions within a nation have differences in the way they live and perceive things. Therefore, using the same e-commerce content across various global regions can lead to a massive disconnect between you and your target customers.

  • Example: Western countries are a lot more liberal than large parts of the rest of the world. Therefore, openly posting content about a taboo topic (e.g. anything with a sexual connotation) that is normal in the West can be scandalizing to people in certain other countries, especially those in the Middle East. Considering that the Middle East is one of the largest high-spending markets in the world, it would be a wise decision to localize your site to conform to its more conservative sensibilities.

2. Localization Opens Up New Markets

Data tell us that more internet users browse websites and e-commerce stores in their local language than in English. When you choose to localize your website to a specific market, you make yourself more approachable and available to local consumers. Additionally, with more and more consumers worldwide shopping via their smartphones, you also need to provide a localized mobile website, so customers can purchase from you on-the-move.

  • Example: In India, studies show that many more people choose to consume online content in their native language than in English. In addition many Indians who do not own a computer do have a mobile phone. India is poised to be the third-largest consumer market in the world, so localizing your site for the main Indian languages is essential if you want to do well there.

3. The Customer Journey Will Be Personalized

Imagine if a prospective customer who isn’t proficient in the language your website is in visits your site. Will they really stick around and browse through your offerings? No, they won’t. Localization of your e-commerce site will allow you to engage with the prospect and make the entire purchase process understandable to them. Your instructions for order placements, returns, refunds etc. will be easy to follow and provide a quality experience during the entire customer journey.

4. Tap Into Local Holidays

Taking advantage of local holidays and festivals is a great benefit of localizing your e-commerce store. And, keep in mind that many countries don’t celebrate Christmas, the New Year, or Black Friday. But if you localize your site to another market, you can tap into other festivals celebrated in other parts of the world.

  • Examples: Several global brands have special offers during Ramadan in the Middle East and Africa and during the Indian festival of lights, Diwali. And in China, Singles Day generates more sales than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

How we can Help Localize Your E-Commerce

At Localize we have many years of experience with helping companies localize their websites and e-commerce stores. Our innate understanding of different markets enables us to provide you with accurate, culturally-specific translation and localization solutions. So partner with us today and experience the benefits for yourself.

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