5 Ways Social Media Customization Can Help Your Business

In today’s global marketplace, much emphasis is being placed on localization. It is no longer sufficient just to have a multilingual website or blog. Along with your website, all your other marketing tools need to be localized to connect with your targeted customer base. One such important tool is your social media presence which is crucial to the success of your business. But just one social media account in your primary language is not good enough if you’re expanding into other areas of the world. Here are five ways social media localization will help your business.

1. Create a Bond

Localizing your social media profiles will enable you to interact with people from a particular location in their language and culture. You can feature events that are relevant to that particular area, list products or services specific to that region, or introduce culture-specific content on your pages to grab people’s attention. Communicating with your customers on a more personalized level can help convert your social media followers into loyal customers.

2. Increase traffic to Your Website

If your website is already multilingual, having localized social media profiles can help bring more traffic to your website. These days, most people learn about new products and services through social media. Targeting prospective customers with a localized social media page that they find appealing will entice them to also engage with your localized website.

3. Improve Your Influence in the Local Market

Having a localized social media page will create more awareness of your business in the region. Your social media message will influence buyers and make your presence known in both the online and offline local market. Using the local language and cultural contexts in your posts and tweets will strengthen your market position and make your brand more identifiable.

4. Provide a Channel for Customized Posts and Promotions

If your business has different product lines for different markets, having localized social media pages enables you to post customized content and promotional ads. It’s an easy way to advertise only those products that are available in that market and avoid any confusion among prospective buyers.

5. Learn More About Your Target Customers

Once your social media localization is complete, you can learn more about the needs and expectations of your target customers. The feedback, comments, and posts received from your social media viewers will help you better understand your market. In turn, this will enable you to upgrade your product or service line to better meet the demands of your customer base. Each region will have different needs and preferences and collecting data on your target customers in each region will help you to effectively diversify your business and become more profitable.

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