Why the Holidays are Great for International Sales

In today’s globalized business landscape, not catering to an international customer base can turn out to be a company’s biggest mistake. Not catering to them during the holidays can turn out to be an even

Chinese Tourism – How Might it Impact Your Business?

The Chinese are going places, literally! Just consider that in 2017, Chinese tourists numbered 143.04 million and they spent $257.7 billion on international travel. Moreover, these statistics represent a mere 10.7 percent of the overall

Translation and the Cultural Aspects of a New Market

As globalism spreads further, it is becoming increasingly important for multinational businesses to factor in the diversity that exists across the spectrum of life around the world. It’s the only way that an organization can

How to Prepare Your Content for Translation

Today with the proliferation of multiple languages and communities on the internet, it has become increasingly important to employ translation services. Businesses and writers who are looking to increase their viewership and outreach should start

The Evolution Of Machine Translation

What is Machine Translation? Machine translation refers to a subfield of computational linguistics. It comprises the use of a software to translate speech/text from one language to another without any human intervention. How did it

The CPO’s Role in a Global Business Landscape

A CPO or Chief Procurement Officer is the executive responsible for managing all the acquisition processes for the company. Typical acquisition programs involve managing the procurement of various resources such as utilities, construction parts, and

Which Procurement Centralization Model Is Ideal for You

Centralization is the answer to procurement today. It’s just how it is. You see, the average Chief Procurement Officer or CPO doesn’t deal with just a handful of sourcing categories. The global enterprise is larger

Validating and Consolidating Terminology Using Tools

When small teams work on documentation, it can be quite easy for them to establish agreements concerning what terms they would use for the product/service they’re creating the documentation for. It is also quite easy

Tips for Translating E-Learning Content

E-learning has become increasingly popular all over the world in the past decade or so. It has gone from a service only a few educational institutions could provide a service that is available easily for

Translation Results To Aim For

One of the most important aspects of global marketing is localization, as it allows you to improve your sales by reaching out to a wider audience. With sound localization strategies, your target audience can understand

What CPOs Look for When Hiring Global Marketing Services

What CPOs Look for When Hiring Global Marketing Services Almost a decade ago, procurement teams were looking to gain more control over particular souring categories. But, things have changed now. The CPO or Chief Procurement

Global Commerce Trends for 2018

Global Commerce Trends for 2018 With increasing access to the Internet, commerce or rather e-commerce is changing shape to meet the demands of this interconnected world. Consumers are getting connected globally and are thus becoming more aware

Localize Your Marketing with Spanglish

Having a dual language marketing strategy is immensely beneficial in today’s globalized world. It is a quick and sure shot way of increasing your customer base. By adding language and culture of another location to

Avoid These Website Translation Issues

Translation and localization of a website can be tedious endeavor. Even small distortions in format and layout can have serious ramifications on the use interface. Factors impacting functionality and experience must be taken into account.