Connecting with Today’s Global Traveler

The global tourism industry has been experiencing an upward trend over the last decade which is expected to continue. In fact, Euromonitor International, a market research company, states that the travel industry will continue to record strong growth with international arrivals accounting for $2.6 billion by 2030. China, France and the US will be the main beneficiaries of international arrivals.

People are Attaching More Importance to Traveling

One of the major factors leading to this astounding increase in global travel is the importance people now attach to traveling and learning more about different places and cultures. A consumer-based economy in most of the countries across the world, along with higher disposable incomes, is now allowing more and more people to pursue their aspirations of becoming global travelers.

Is There Such a Person as an Average Global Traveler?

So, you might ask, what is your average global traveler like? This is the first question any tourism and travel company should ask themselves before going forward with their marketing plans. Today’s average global consumer is marked by the following three features. They are likely to be:

  • Tech friendly
  • Well-connected
  • Easily distracted

It’s Not Just About the Internet

Although access to the internet makes it easy to reach your potential customers wherever they are across the world, there is one important factor you need to consider. You need to appeal to each customer with the language of their choice, preferably their native language.

Where in the World?

You never know which part of the world your target customer, the global traveler, is in when they access your website. Although your website analytics report could show you where your potential customers usually access your website from, that would be a retrospective view if they are traveling. In order to be ready to serve website visitors from across the world who may be traveling, you need to make sure you are catering to consumers who speak many languages. A well-established global firm should be supplying information in all of the major languages.

Points to Consider When Creating Content for the Global Traveler

  • Language – Think of the possibility that your customer from, let’s say, Spain is planning a trip to the US. Although, they might be well-versed in conversational English, or at least comfortable getting by with the basic needs of the language, your website content should cater to their initial research needs in the language they are totally familiar with, that is Spanish. Research material is almost always preferable in a person’s native language, as it allows for the reader to gain the maximum amount of information from their efforts. By catering to their needs through the language of their choice, you will not only help them, but you will likely attract a large number of referrals to your website. Translation of your content in as many languages as possible will help you achieve the goal of becoming an influencer in your space.
  • Tone, Style and Cultural References – These three factors are very personal to each and every traveler. Their cultural background will determine what tone and style of communication is acceptable or not. To address this consideration, it is always advisable to employ localization and translation services from firms that have access to native translators. Such translators will be well-versed in what kind of communication not only appeals to your potential customers but also what might “click” with them to engage with your website and persuade them to take some kind of positive action.
  • Your Logo and Brand Statement – When translating your content, make sure your logo and brand statement stay consistent in whichever language you are translating to. This is where you really need to ensure you have partnered with the right localization service so that your brand message is maintained across different languages and cultures.

Why Localize for managing your translations?

At Localize, we provide an easy to use translation management software with built-in integrations that allow you to easily source native speaking translators from reputable firms. This provides you with an edge in providing the best language and culture-sensitive content to help boost your global business. Please contact us for more information.

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