How to Translate your eCommerce Retail Store

To grow your on-line store for new international markets, it is important to pay attention to translating your site into other languages. Prospective customers are always more comfortable browsing and shopping for products in their native tongue. If you translate your ecommerce site, it not only eases the shopping experience but also the whole customer experience.

Communicate with Your Customers Quickly

The speed of communication with your customers in a different locale can be vastly improved when your retail site is translated into the local language. Customer interactions are more efficient, which, in turn, leads to better customer satisfaction and more sales. Customers will find product descriptions in their own language easier to understand and they are more likely to buy. If they can ask their questions and receive answers in their own language, their trust level increases and they are likely to shop with you again.

What is Needed to Translate eCommerce?

Retail translation is a little more complicated than a translation for a regular website because of all the details that have to be accounted for, including:

  • Product Descriptions: Your e-commerce products have no doubt been well described in the original language of your site. The descriptions have also been SEO optimized to increase your site’s visibility. You need to ensure that every product description is written in the target language with the same high quality that was used for your original description. In order to attract the right kind of audience, you also need to make certain that the translated descriptions are SEO optimized for the target language.
  • Order Forms: Order forms have to be translated accurately so that customers know exactly what needs to be filled in and where. Also, the order form might need to be redesigned slightly to conform to the way shipping addresses are written in different countries. Every field should be clear and easy to understand by the customer.
  • Chatbots: Live chatbots that answer customer queries in real time have become an integral part of the online shopping experience. If you have chatbots on your original site, then you want to offer your international customers the same experience. Having the convenience of chatbots to answer questions makes shopping on your site a
    lot easier for your new customers. Chatbots need to be programmed to understand and answer questions accurately in the target language.
  • FAQs: Along with live chatbots, you also need to make sure that your FAQ page has been translated accurately. While many questions that people ask are universal, you might want to consider some additional questions that international customers might ask such as those related to extra shipping costs and delivery times.
  • Policy Pages: Policy pages such as those relating to returns, exchanges, and refunds all need to be accurately translated. Customers should have a very clear idea of the terms you are offering and there should be no room for uncertainty and vagueness that could cause problems later. What you don’t want is a dissatisfied customer.

Why use Localize?

Localize provides you with a set of translation tools that can help you in the process of retail translation. With our translation solutions, you can translate product descriptions into several different languages and rest assured that your translations will be of the highest quality. Contact us to learn more about our website and e‑commerce site translating services.

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