How to Leverage Technology in Creating Global Content

When it comes to technology, most global marketers have very high expectations. In fact, several surveys tell us that a majority of marketers believe technology to be a key component in making content marketing more efficient, especially on a global scale. Well, those marketers aren’t wrong at all. Technology definitely changes things for the better. However, what most marketers fail to realize is that simply implementing technological tools isn’t enough. There needs to be a strategy in place for things to actually provide the intended results. So, if you’re a business that’s wondering how to make the most of the technology to market your content on a global scale, follow these suggestions. They’ll definitely help you out one way or another.

Use Tools for Content Auditing

A lot of businesses use spreadsheets to track performance metrics and
content inventory. Additionally, they also carry out manual assessments of these spreadsheets. This is an outdated approach and worst of all; the
effort doesn’t always pay off because there is simply no way of knowing if the content is being effective. This leads to a massive loss of opportunities; opportunities where the content can actually be put to good use.

This is where technological tools can come in handy. The auditing process can be automated and your marketers can be kept informed on the latest trends and shifts in customer expectations. Existing content can also be exploited further. For instance, the best performing content can be
distributed in other formats while your “all-time hits” can be re-promoted.

Automating your auditing process opens up your performance metrics and content inventory to connections with other systems within your overall technological infrastructure.This will provide you with insights on whatworks best at each stage within the sales process. For example, you may have content that works best for lead generation, but, no content that actually helps close a sale. Having this kind of information can help you create effective content for the stages that need it.

Prioritize Keyword Research

Think of content marketing as a form of gambling. There really is now way to predict which piece of content is going to give you the right returns. However, what you can do is reduce the amount of risk. Smart marketers do this by identifying themes and topics that meet the exact requirements of their customers. But, how does one identify the right themes/topics?

Well, you do it by looking for the right keywords. However, this isn’t
going to tell you if your content is as effective as you want it to be. That’s why you need to go further and leverage advanced keyword research
tools to measure how your keywords are actually performing. This will help you identify or create content that actually provides returns.

Additionally, you can also look for opportunities to build on the existing pieces of content. For example, you can distribute high-performing content in different formats.

Distribute Content According to Audience Profile

Getting your content noticed is a major challenge. There’s a lot of work involved. For instance, you need to republish the same content repeatedly, optimize the message to suit particular platforms/audiences, identify the right time to distribute and make changes to prevent audience fatigue.

Now, all this can be simplified by using tools that can gather data and
suggest strategies that deliver the necessary content through the right channels and at the right frequency.

Pay for Top Performing

Even when you have the right kind of content, you are still dependent on the distribution platform’s algorithms to get the content noticed. Now, you could try paying for promotion. However, this won’t work for every piece of content you produce. In fact, it’s downright impractical and uneconomical.

So, what you need to do is pay for only the most effective content. This can be done by connecting your sales tracking system with the concerned platform’s analytics function. By doing so, you can learn which content is actually providing results and then invest in the promotion of that content.

This helps save money and ensures that your content promotion strategy actually works.

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