Marketing Translations For Landing Pages

Why You Need to Translate Your Content

Marketing is simple: providing the right message, at the right time. To that end, translating content helps global populations to understand your brand, making them imperative for clear and long-term consumer value. Before moving forward, one must (and by extension, translators) have a firm grasp on the goals… like promotion, being top of mind, or building awareness.

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The Benefits of Accurate Translations

Increasing the amount of eyeballs on your website increases brand awareness and loyalty as readers become familiar with your communication. Ensuring that the message is accurate is a worthwhile endeavor.

When Pepsi translated its slogan “Pepsi Brings You Back to Life” in China, the literal translation was “Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Grave”. Coors Brewing slogan “Turn it loose” was converted to Spanish and meant, “Suffer from diarrhea”. Clearly, inaccurate marketing translations can do some serious damage… don’t make the same mistake that they did.

Using Localize for Accurate Marketing Translations

With Localize, which requires no more than a simple copy/paste of a JavaScript snippet into your website header, content is automatically detected, loaded into a dashboard, machine translated, and then displayed for visitors to the website instantly. Professional translations are also available from the same networks used by YouTube, LinkedIn, and Etsy.

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Don’t be intimidated if you’re unfamiliar with foreign cultures and the process of translation; that’s why we’re here — to help! We work with simple blogs and advanced web applications equally well, with super-fast performance, and an ability to collaborate with a team members on projects.

We’ve written integration guides for landing page providers like Unbounce,PageWiz, Lander, & Leadpages, with more on the way! … Request one!

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Localize provides the most affordable, intuitive, feature-rich platform for companies that aspire to expand globally. Sign up today or request a demo.

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