Six Key Benefits of Using a Localization Style Guide

Let’s begin with what a style guide or a localization style guide is. As the name suggests, it is a guide or guidelines for translators to use when translating website content for a new audience. These guidelines examine areas like the tone of the translation, types of words to use, punctuations, language style, purpose, brand voice, and so on.

A localization style guide should be unique to each company and in keeping with the brand and its message. A law firm, for example, might use more formal language and legally correct terms, while a site selling casual clothing might go for a more laid-back feel with its language and style. When you are expanding your market and want your brand to convey the same message to a foreign audience, a localization style guide is useful to keep your messaging and brand voice consistent.

Key Benefits of utilizing a Style Guide

If you are undecided about whether or not you need a localization style guide, here are some reasons to consider:

1. Improved translation quality

With a localization style guide laying the groundwork for how content needs to be translated, your translators can produce better quality translations which have a better impact on the intended audience. Maintaining a certain standard for your content becomes a lot easier with a style guide regardless of the target language.

2. Better user engagement

Research has shown that people are more comfortable interacting with web content that’s in their native language. By translating your website, you’re helping your brand get noticed by your new target audience. Use a style guide to convey the brand’s message and you’re more likely to hold the attention of potential customers and increase engagement. A well translated page which is interesting and engaging even keeps visitors on the site for longer.

3. Increased sales

Not only can increased brand engagement lead to increased sales, but consumers prefer to buy product in their native language. The more the people are aware of the brand, the more they talk about it, causing even more interest and awareness. Eventually, they start frequenting your website in their native language and will hopefully choose to buy your products. Once a few good reviews start coming in, you’ve certainly made a niche for yourself in a new market.

4. Faster localization

With a style guide, the localization process goes a lot faster. Instead of starting from scratch each time you decide to introduce a new language, a Localization Style Guide is something that remains consistent with each language and does not have to be re-constructed. The style guide already lays the groundwork, allowing you to be a few steps ahead already when you get started.

5. Consistency

Localization style
guides maintain consistency across your entire global presence. Regardless of
what language a customer accesses your website in, they will get a sense of
familiarity and identify with your brand right away.

6. Cost effective

If you have a style guide in place that saves you a lot of time and effort each time you localize your website, you also save a lot of money. Each time a new translator is called in for another language, you can take less of their time trying to explain the process and just present them with the style guide.

Why use Localize?

Localize is a Translation Management System which can also host your brand’s localization style guide. By utilizing Localize’s Style Guide feature, your guidelines will automatically be sent with your human translation orders. If you are using your own in-house translators, your style guide will be readily accessible in your dashboard to any translators that you invite to your project. Start your free-trial to check it out today!

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