Using Google Market Finder to Expand Your User Base Worldwide

Having a great web or mobile app that wows users is a great start. However,  to really expand as a business, you’ll need to translate that into broader reach and target the markets where your app will be best received. Zeroing in on many diverse markets worldwide needs more than a broad sweeping approach. And that’s where Google Market Finder comes in.

Here’s a look at how you can use Google Market Finder to springboard your app to the next level:

Spot opportunities for new markets

Use the Google Market Finder to identify potential markets for your services. The platform uses your website URL to zero in on the categories of services and products you offer and then uses that information to suggest where you could look at expanding geographically.

Leverage Google’s data to make decisions

The suggestions that Market Finder comes up with are determined by using a combination of data points that would be hard for you to manually arrive at, often with data that you may not even be privy to. For instance, after you plug in your URL, the tool matches you with prospective markets based on things like; the household disposable income in that specific market, the average monthly search volumes on the categories you operate in, as well as the all-important CPC or cost-per-click on AdWords.

Intuitive platform means you don’t need to hire more experts

The best bit about Market Finder is that it doesn’t need you to hire experts to interpret the interface or the results for you. Give it a spin, and you’ll see how straightforward and easy to it is to understand.

Stay up-to-date and upskill yourself with resources

Google Market Finder also has a rich library of content for you to access. Use the guides, articles, videos, and other resources to dive into topics around localization. Not sure about how international payments work? They have you covered. Is logistics a bugbear? Their resources can help you navigate that too. All-important areas like Customer Care and Tax & Legal-related guides are also available.

Execute your marketing plan<

Once you’ve made your decisions, you can seamlessly integrate planning with execution. Once you’re confident you understand what your best markets are and how to use both search ads and display ads to your advantage, you can turn your plans into reality. Link up this strategy to your Keyword Planner, DoubleClick tool, and Google AdWords. You’ll be able to hit the ground running with the confidence that you’ve got from the time spent on resources and learning, as well as the backing of the smarts from the Market Finder tool itself. No more second-guessing yourself.

Where does Localize come in?

As you expand into newer markets and geographies, you’ll also encounter the need to adopt the language and style to suit that specific region. With apps that depend so heavily on their user experience and interface to succeed, translation requirements are growing more complex. Localize’s translation management software excels in this space and can help your business make strides across different markets. Over 500 companies (and counting) have tapped the translation innovation and expertise of Localize to aid in their expansion as they take their businesses global.

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